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Timberhead Music is a small publishing company that primarily produces the written and recorded music of Gordon Bok. Over the years, we have also published a few works of other poets and musicians. In addition, we carry all of Gordon's earlier Folk Legacy recordings, plus a sampling of music from friends and associates including all of the Bok, Muir, and Trickett recordings.

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Gordon's lastest release

Because You Asked Because You Asked

"I keep a very large repertoire alive; Iím always learning or making songs, because they reflect my changing understanding of the world. These are some of the songs you have requested in concert or asked me to record. Here you go, then, and thanks for asking." ~ Gordon

Gordon's newest album is a collection of old and new favorite songs,just inviting you to sing along. Available now at Timberhead Music.

To order, view the albums listed below or use our Artist Search to the left to see all the albums for each individual artist, then select a purhase link. Click "Read more" for album details, song lists, and samples. If you'd like to carry any of these albums and books in your store, please contact us for wholesale prices. Thanks for supporting independent artists!

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Timberhead Music albums

Gordon Bok and Cindy Kallet


Gordon Bok and Cindy Kallet, (almost) neighbors in midcoast Maine, bring you an excellent collaboration of their talents. More »

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Cindy Kallet

Leave the Cake in the Mailbox  

Leave the Cake in the Mailbox
And then there's the other Cindy Kallet—Mama Cindy—sharing her wisdom and humor about children and their parents, mothering and growing up. More »

This album won a Parents' Choice Award from the Parents' Choice Foundation in 2004.

This Way Home  

This Way Home
Cindy Kallet's clear sparkling voice carries these songs of heartbreak and warmth, tenderness and humor straight into our own hearts. More »

Dreaming Down a Quiet Line
Fifteen gorgeously crafted songs and every one a winner. More »

Cindy Kallet 2
Cindy Kallet's second album (1983) of nearly all original pieces. More »

Working on Wings to Fly
This first album captures very well the essence of a Cindy Kallet performance. More »

Timberhead Music songbooks
The Cindy Kallet Songbook  

The Cindy Kallet Songbook
Cindy Kallet has published her first songbook, and it is, of course, a work of art. More »

For more information about Cindy Kallet, visit www.overallmusic.com or write to her: cindy@overallmusic.com.

Featured folks music album

If I Had a Song
If I Had a Song
By Pete Seeger
There are songs here that were never previously recorded, and many others that have yet to be reissued on any of Pete's CDs, only appearing once on long-vanished Seeger LPs. One of the two collaborations between Arlo Guthrie and Pete on If I Had a Song, "66 Highway Blues," is the first recording of one of the rare co-writing efforts by Seeger and Arlo's father, Woody Guthrie. View details

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