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Nelson Capes
06 July 2005, 12:35 pm

I would like to play "Southern Cross" on the piano. Is there any source for the sheet music?


Shelly-Gordon's Agent
27 June 2005, 04:23 pm

Re: Jessica Perl and Jonathan S. Post 6/20/2005

Hi Jess and Jonathan - Thanks for your post.

It looks like you're in luck. Gordon will be heading to The Sounding Board in West Hartford on October 22nd. Keep an eye on our concert schedule - we should have details posted soon.

Enjoy the show! Shelly (Gordon's Booking Agent)

P.S. And if you can't make it to Connecticut - Gordon will also be playing at the Peeptoad Coffeehouse in Foster, RI on October 8th.

Dave Bresett
23 June 2005, 01:43 pm

Gordon, where have you been all my life? I'm an old folkie down here on the Chesapeake who is just getting back into the genre. Your songs are great, especially tie her up and the old figurehead carver on your latest CD. Larraine is an asset on the other end of the landline as I round out my collection of your works. Sincerely, Dave Bresett

David Singer
20 June 2005, 01:09 am

I heard Gordon live more than 30 years ago (I don't remember if it was at Caffe Lena or at RPI; probably Lena's) -- I'm looking forward to your trip to California this fall!

Gordon Bok
16 June 2005, 01:37 pm

Re: Bonnie and Randy Johnson's Post 6/11/05

That's another neat thing about singing other people's music: all the free travel. And time-travel too: Some of the old songs give such a depth and breadth of history you can practically smell the fish...


Gordon Bok
16 June 2005, 01:34 pm

Re: Amy Oppenheimer's Post - 6/9/2005

Hi Amy -

About that old sloop = Larrain's (Timberhead's office manager) husband tells us that they tried to fix her up but ran out of money. That's all we know.

- Gordon Bok

Bonnie and Randy Johnson
11 June 2005, 04:30 pm

I believe that living here in Maine has helped me to futher appreciate Mr. Bok's Beautiful Music.It was my husband that introduced me to his music a number of years ago and I have been a fan ever since. The lyrics and the music are both so alive and touching to me. He sang a song about the geographic area of Maine that my husband and I are from and what a treat it is to enjoy it's flavor. We are both so enthralled by ALL his music as the songs themselves seem to actually paint the greatest pictures of the places he has been and the lifestyles of the folks living there. It is like being taken on a journey right from the chair one is sitting in- listening to his music. To this end, all we can say is a HUGE thank you.

Peace and Blessings Always,

Randy and Bonnie Johnson

Cherryfield, Maine

Ed Hackett
10 June 2005, 12:23 pm

I first heard Gordon, Ed, and Ann sing in Needham, MA, in the early 1980s and have bought virtually every album since. (Moves from MA to NY to Washington, D.C, to Tempe, AZ have made attending concerts a little difficult, but we did get to a benefit for College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor a feew years ago.

The forthcoming tour of the western U.S. is very exciting, and I hope Tempe or Phoenix might become one of those "stops along the way." Otherwise I see a trip to LA or SF (or Las Vegas?!) in my future.

One more idea: have you considered Santa Barbara, CA, as a concert site? There's a lively folk community around here that would certainly produce an appreciative audience.

Amy Oppenheimer
09 June 2005, 11:31 pm

After a chance encounter with Gordon's voice on Morning Pro Musica in the mid-70s, I was firmly hooked. I haven't missed too many local (and not so local) concerts since.

I was hoping that there might be a song or a lament forthcoming about the ruined 10 Meter sloop that is crumbling away in a field near Rockport. It's a sorry end for a classic wooden boat. There are two songs I heard on a CD from Scotland that I would love to hear Gordon perform, so I thought I'd pass the titles on. The CD is "Where the Sky Meets the Sea" by The McCalmans and the songs are "The Fishing Days" and "The Last Leviathan".

Thank you for your music.

Amy Oppenheimer

Adam Lang
09 June 2005, 04:12 pm

I've enjoyed Gordon's music since the first time I was introduced to it, fifteen years ago or so. Never yet managed to see him live; can't wait until he gets out to Californ-i-a.

And congratulations on getting a couple of his albums up on iTunes and all those other, lesser online music services. Now I have somewhere to send my friends for samples... and it only takes a 30-second preview to hook someone for life. (Clever, clever!) With any luck, there'll be more of his albums up there to follow.

Here's a link to one of the albums on iTunes, for convenience:


Keep up the good work.

--Adam Lang

09 June 2005, 12:51 pm

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