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s. allen
New York
07 March 2011, 09:25 am

Hello Gordon...I lived in Camden many years ago and was introduced to your music by a mutual friend.I had three of your early albums that got lost over the years as I have moved alot.
Overjoyed to hear you on public radio I have hunted you down and ordered those albums on CD. Your music has always stayed with me...it opens my heart to hear. I am so happy that you have not disappeared into the woodwork like so many others. Blessings, & Thank you...

Matt Hannafin
07 March 2011, 12:38 am

Hello, Gordon. Just saw you in Portland (the Oregon one) this week and bought you new album, which I love. I remember talking to you during the intermission at a show in Connecticut around 1993 or '94, about how I wished you'd record a solo version of "The Bird Rock." You said something like, "I'd like to as well, but there are so many songs..." Glad you finally did -- it's gorgeous.

Andy Rubin
31 January 2011, 01:51 pm

Hello Gordon- I've absolutely loved your new album, Other Eyes - particularly Bold Reynolds, which is SUCH a compellingly beautiful tune. Anyway, thanks so much for the gift of it - it holds the king's chair in my CD player. I sure hope you enjoyed our latest CD - it's perhaps a bit different than your exquisite music, but the connections are deep and very much there.

A friend of mine, who plays both cello and banjo, wanted to see a photo of a cellamba. Do you perhaps have one that you could send along?

Warmest regards,

-Andy (from Sacramento)

Charles Sawyer
Asia and Pacific - Australia
07 January 2011, 12:08 am

Ever since you sent us a LP, "Turning Towards The Morning", decades ago in response to our devastating family tragedy, we've loved your music. Thank you - you really helped us recover.

Last winter we gathered some friends and recorded a cover of "I Drew My Ship" for the pure joy of it. Because it's your copyright, I'll email you the unsearchable link directly. We also recorded "Isle au Haut".

Thank you for enriching our life. - Charles

PS Presumably it's OK to digitise "The February Tapes" for personal use only.

Jillian Herrigel
09 December 2010, 05:50 pm

my friend said you have a song on one of your cds about the "Annie and Rueben" friendship sloop - we just bought an old farm in Bath Maine - which is next to or possible part of the land w/ the wharf where it was built - could you tell me which CD the song is on as I would like to buy it

05 December 2010, 11:35 am

I remember you and Carey recording those songs in my living room, Wendy.I see Capt.Ed Glaser fairly often,too; he's Rockland's Harbormaster.
As for copies, I've been referring people to Dr. Lawrence Kaplan (might still be living in Essex CT) as he holds the copyright on that recording. Stay well

Andrew Sarewitz
New York
03 December 2010, 05:06 pm

In 1973, I went to summer "hiking" camp called Trailside. The most memorable thing for me was the music. Whaling, fishing and mining songs. "Hills of Isle au Haut" and "Fundy Bay" were and are among my favorites. Until today (when I looked up the lyrics on line), I never knew who wrote these moving, memorable and sustainable ballads. Thank you for being a part of my American songbook. True treasures.

Marshall Goodwin
01 December 2010, 05:30 pm

Hi Gordon, When are you coming back to the Northwest? How can you ignore your #1
fan from Oregon City, OR? I always bring friends to your concerts. We have seen you in Portland, Timberline Lodge, and Toledo (on the coast). Best wishes from a fan and fellow woodcarver.

Marshall, I'll be in Oregon & Washington late Feb and early March. Those dates haven't been confirmed, but will be on the website when they are. Gordon

Wendy Bell (Schettig)
28 November 2010, 04:31 pm

Hey there Gordon... remember me??? You'll remember Wendy Bell (hopefully), not Wendy Schettig. I'm alive and well in New Britain, PA and back to being a full-time musician again FINALLY (long story,but with a good ending). Anyway, I was wondering if you know how I might get my hands on a copy of Captain Hawkin's Choice? By any chance have you ever digitalized it or whatever you do with it so I can get a copy that I can actually play? My stereo for vinyl albums is long gone. I got an email from someone who found me on line using words she remembered from my Daffodil song on Captain Hawkins Choice... she wants a copy too.
I checked out your website, facebook and myspace... you look the same as you did 30 years ago ... can't believe it's been that long since I left Camden. I'm glad to see you're still playing and singing as much as you used to. Hope this email finds you and your wife Carol well and happy. Many blessings to you, Wendy

Chris Paola
27 November 2010, 12:30 am

Nothing has given me more pleasure in life than singing your songs and sharing them with friends. You are a gift in this world... thank you.

robin Mosenfelder
24 November 2010, 12:35 pm

errr February tapes...in CD please?...new car does not have tape player...great way to shorten long trips...I have the tapes...thanks..:-)

Robin, I would love to do that, but see no way to get permission fom the participants, much less deal with all the royalties. As it is, in liew of royalties, we make a yearly donation to some cause that supports this kind of music. If you think of a way, please let me know.

Gloria Hart Belknap
Europe - France
19 November 2010, 03:59 am

Gordon, We often listen to your music while driving through the French countyside....it's always wonderful to hear your voice and feel my ties to the Maine coast....Thank you so much for your wonderful music and love of our musical heritage....Best wishes, Gloria Hart Belknap

Dan Aguiar
New York
18 November 2010, 04:49 pm

Hi Gordon, We hope you're all well and settling in for hibernation. I've picked up the concertina recently and started using it in concert.

O boy, look out, folks--there's another one loose! Good for you, Dan.
The January Men And Then Some have just started learning your song Gloucester Boys....what a kick that is!
Keep it up, Dan.

15 November 2010, 03:28 pm

Ulla, I'm trying to contact the fellow they made the film about. He would know
if it's available somewhere.
OOps, forgot to send that. I did talk with Ned, and he didn't know of any place that had them. He only kept 2 copies for his boys, and doesn't know if the film ( "Coaster, the Adventure of the Schooner John F Leavitt") even got onto DVD. Does anyone else know? I'll keep it in mind, though.
That was a wwonderful visit with you last month. Thanks so much for making the effort.

15 November 2010, 01:11 pm

Gordon, I first met you at a Folklore Society of Greater Washington getaway some time in the 1970s. You played a song for my parents and me on my small guitar. I have found you again and play your records with Kegan's song and Clear Away the morning. Just listing to your beautiful voice brings back memories of sailing in Bar Harbor. Thank you, Friend, for the memories.

Antonio Sarroca
Puerto Rico
16 October 2010, 01:45 am

Mr.GordonBok I'm so glad to faund your web page I allways love your compocitions and lirycs,to me you are the best carisma that you put in your soul when you sing first time I herd it was 1976 at show at manana island abaut the ocean up there Ilove it since then I live in Tx. now (Houston) where I can buy your CD I have looked for so many years and is so hard to find it. love you music and also thanks for recording a folklore music from argentina to Athahualpa Yupannki Idont remember, let me know when you give a concert in Houston Tx.love your music for ever Gordon Bock.Antonio.

Louisa Putnam
New Hampshire
26 September 2010, 10:21 pm

Thank you dear bard for singing enchantment back into the deep springs of the Heart

and the deer bedding down and the bear snuggling in for the winter
with the gentle respect and fierce appreciation,

15 September 2010, 11:40 am

Hi Gordon,

I first heard you sing on the old Pete Seeger show, "Rainbow Quest" (I think that's the name). I still have all your old vinyl records from Folk Legacy, incuding ones with Ann Mayo Muir. In fact, I contacted Folk Legacy about ten years ago or so to see if there were any other of your work that I didn't have. They were selling all their old vinyls and I bought many of them, including some great records from Howard Bursen, Cathy and Dave Para, and some other great old time banjo. Thanks for your wonderful work all these years, and thanks also for indirectly introducing me to some other great artists.

07 September 2010, 12:23 pm

My daughter moved to Rockland this year and I was thrilled to hear you'll be doing a concert there that I can attend in October. Our grandson was named Kagan because I played your record so often for his Mom when she was young. Of course, I bought the CD immediately for him at birth. Do you ever include Peter Kagan in your live sets now?

Anne, I don't play Kagan in concert these days; keep meaning to work it up, but something else always seems more important.....

05 September 2010, 10:50 am

Yes you can, Brian---right from my website.

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