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05 September 2010, 10:47 am

Dear Heather, I do remember you, and thatnk you for more kind words. In a class I was giving this summer on traditional songs we, too, found ourselves singing from Rise Up Singing.
It's a wonderful resource.
Let us know where you are and what you're doing, when you think of it.
Go well,

Heather Stevick
29 August 2010, 11:08 am

Hello, Gordon. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was a student at CHRHS when you did the first concert with us, and I wrote the letter about how much I loved working with you.

I just graduated from Carleton College, where I was one of the presidents of the Folk Music Society. We meet every week and sing from Rise Up Singing for two hours. I just wanted to let you know how much comfort your songs have brought to me and to all the rest of us over the years, especially Hearth and Fire and the Isle Au Haut Lullaby. When we are stressed or sad or hurt, singing your songs always helps to take the edge off it, so I wanted to thank you. Your music is truly remarkable.

Thanks, and kind be the wind to thee.

16 August 2010, 12:40 pm

Can I purchase "Turning Toward The Morning" on-line ? On which cd is this song included ?

Ulla Skold
Europe - Scandinavia
16 August 2010, 09:29 am

I read in Gordon's biography that he once won an award for film music, for a documentary film named "Coaster". Is there any chance that this film may be available on video or DVD?
Thanks for all the wonderful music through the years,

12 August 2010, 03:30 pm

Weeping for the hope of it all, I think.GB

Edward Cruz
12 August 2010, 09:55 am

Hello Gordon,
Years ago - eons ago - I heard your name from Stan Rogers, at McCabe's guitar shop, in Santa Monica, California. And it's taken me this long to check out your poetry and your music. I am touched by it all. Wish you'd come out our way.
Thank you for the music, and the connection to the maritime, humanity, and the tactile life.

Kate Fellin
08 August 2010, 08:10 pm

"Simply Folk" on Wisconsin Public Radio just played your song 'Peter Kagan and the Wind.' Your deep voice and the melody have my eyes brimming with tears, even though I didn't catch which one died (or both). In addition, this put me in mind of the song about the Silkie which I used to sing 35 years ago. It was such a cause-filled, elemental time in my life, and the lives of many others. Thank you for reminding me.

07 August 2010, 11:15 am

Turning Toward..." has been a staple of hope in our home (and as we sang it in church) for our people.

One question abide. I would love a quick response from anyone. Our good friend faces horrendous, scary health issues. I am giving him a copy of the album, drawing attention, especially to "TTTM."

The last couple of lines seem contradictory to the message of the song. To hear:

And, if that wind would come and ask you,
"Why's my Joanie weeping so?"
Wont you tell him that you're weeping
For the morning?"

What kind of weeping is this. I think weep, I think sad. Is it that she is weeping until the morning returns?

Thank you

05 August 2010, 04:11 pm

Jan, that Portsmouth concert got postponed to sometime next year.
Good to hear from you...wasn't the last time we saw you on North Haven Island?

22 July 2010, 03:29 pm

We need you out here in Seattle. Been too long. Whattaya say?

04 June 2010, 05:08 pm

Kate, the song Duna is on the CD CLe ar Away In The Morning.

Kate Hubbell
New Jersey
25 May 2010, 12:25 pm


I was looking up lyrics that my dad used to sing...just one refrain..." when I was a young man before my beard was grey.."
I now know it was from a poem " Duna" and your name came up. Can't seem to find a album with the song on it. It was such a part of my youth I can't even begin to explain how often he sang that one refrain. He has passed on but I think of him often and find myself singing the same refrain.

joan kantor
18 May 2010, 10:23 pm

Gordon,I've been following you for years and just lost my copy of your very first album. I love all of your music but this album is very special to me. Is there any way to get a cd of this. I'd even be happy with the vinyl version. I've searched everywhere and come up empty handed.
Loved your Roaring Brook Nature Center concert. Hope you're feeling better, though. Thanks.

Dianna Oppegard
New Jersey
05 May 2010, 05:55 pm

I remember hearing you play at the Camden Harbor Inn many years ago (sometime in the early 1980's). You turned a bass on its side and played it like a guitar at the impromptu concert featuring Kagan and the Seal Woman. I lost the album that was on and wondered if that and La Brigantine and Isle a Haut are on one of your other recordings.
Many thanks for years of your music.


(answered by email-
-GB )

05 May 2010, 11:38 am

I wondered wwhere you'd gotten to, Rick.
That song is called Fifteen Ships On Georges Banks...I can't find the words right now; try looking it up on The Mudcat Cafe. That would be faster than me digging it out of the mists and writing it out (I still type wwith my elbows) I sing the Canadian version, these days.
Fair winds, eh?

Gary cook
Canada - New Brunswick
05 May 2010, 09:05 am

Gordon Thanks so much for adding one of my comments in your C.D." Other eyes" Its wonderful Music.
The last year I fished the D.F.O charged me $65.00 to leave the wharf. Their budget is now over a Billion dollars annually for Destroying our fishery. ONLY GOVERNMENT and THE D.F.O has done this through greed and corruption.

Steve Farell
04 May 2010, 11:29 pm


when are you coming back to the South Shore Folk Music Club Cofee Huse in
Kingston MA.

When and where is the next Bok, Mayo, Muir concert?
A 1: I'll see if they'd like to have me there, Steve.
A 2: The trio decided to stop touring together a few years ago. We still hang out and sing some when we find ourselves in the same country...

Rick Miles
28 April 2010, 08:14 pm

Hi Gordon. We are in Gloucester MA at the Rilways hauling the Wanderbird before heading to Greenland. Last night we had a delightful time with a group" Three Sheets to the Wind" I am not much of a singer but thought that next week I may try one . I have fond memories of my schoonering days aboard the Timberwind in Maine and I particularly remember a song, a song that I heard you sing and I felt it woulr be appropriate here in Gloucester for next Tuesday night. It 's about the storm in 1862 or 3 that begins " I pray you pay attention and listen un to me" Could you help me locate those lyrics? I don't fear gales at sea near as much as singing that front of a crowd but it seems right. Fair Winds, Rick Miles Wanderbird

26 April 2010, 06:34 pm

If you hadn't brought Stan Rogers's name into it, Gordon, I wouldn't have made the connection. But the song is probably "The Jeanie C.", about the wreck of a fishing boat. Each verse ends "I'll go to sea no more." Does that sound right?

(There you go, Glenn--hope that helps--

26 April 2010, 03:52 pm

Glenn, I think Valentine informed us that that song was written by Stan Rogers. And, indeed, I used to sing it.

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