Reviews of Gordon Bok's Music

Quotable Reviews:

"Gordon Bok is timeless. Seafarer, songwriter extraordinaire, excellent instrumentalist, and "painter" of moods, he takes his audiences over the bay and out to sea, through a labyrinth of emotions from joy to fear, and awe at the immense wonderment of the world we live in." Plowshares (San Francisco Folk Music Center)

"Free of even a hint of self-infatuation, the concert was devoted to songs rooted in history or sparked by the imagination. For decades now, Bok has been writing and collecting songs inspired by life in Maine and the Maritime Provinces, so it wasn't surprising to hear well-crafted tales of loggers and river drives and battles between American natives and settlers. A superb storyteller . . ." Mike Joyce, The Washington Post

"The poet laureate of those who go down to the sea in ships." Time Magazine

"There is something deeply rooted, ancient and timeless to his songs, yet he is an utter original. From the instruments he plays to the myths he explores, the music is indelibly his own." Scott Alarik (from an interview in Sing Out! ­ "The Folk Song Magazine")

"One of the most moving performers I have ever seen, Bok expresses the core of his experience with his full deep voice and masterful guitar playing." The Village Voice

"Gordon Bok is the Cornell Folk Song Club's most requested performer. For the last quarter century, he has defined the new folk tradition and set the standard. His music includes old, borrowed and new, all steeped in deep-rooted folk music. No one can match Gordon's sonorous voice and masterfully understated instrumentation." Folkstuff

"Gordon is one of those performers who creates a magic circle of light around himself and draws the entire audience into it. If you have only heard his sound once, you can spot it from that time on. He is soothing and thrilling, intense and thoroughly relaxed, shy and completely winning, a special person and an ordinary man." Woods Hole Folk Music Society

"If the sea had a voice with which to sing, it would be the voice of Gordon Bok." The Brunswick Times-Record

"For me, he's the Bard . . . he has true depth and nobility: a musical genius." Paul Sullivan

"One of the finest folksingers in the field...and for over 25 years his popularity has never waned. His songs have a warmth and caring that touches us all. Many of these have been inspired by his life on the sea and in Maine." Dallas Cline author of Turning Toward the Morning: Songs From Gordon Bok Arranged For the Mountain Dulcimer

"I can think of no other modern folk artist whose entire canon feels more like a single work, an ongoing conversation with the world around us. I wonder if you know how rare that is, and how much care and honesty it takes." Scott Alarik